a model for teaching nephrostomy by the RG-guide
  • Practicing puncture skills
  • Creation of a percutaneous passage
  • Antegrade nephroscopy
  • The simulator is like the structure of the lumbar section of the human body on a cut
  • Internal structure mimics the renal cavity system and ureter
  • Extremely realistic fabrics because of the use of unique materials
  • X-ray contrast of tissues makes it possible to use fluoroscopy
  • The appearance of «urine» with a properly performed puncture

simulator of percutaneous puncture interventions under ultrasound control
  • Puncture of the maxillary kidney under ultrasound control
  • The phantom is an imitation of a human kidney with integrated «cups»
  • Simulation of fluid in the renal pyelocaliceal system
  • Getting «urine» by the correct puncturing
  • Realism of the skin is achieved by using unique materials
  • Echo conductivity of tissues by ultrasound
  • Puncture marks and canals tighten for several days